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Hello African Music lovers,

Our latest playlist & audio file are posted. Thanks to Mokoomba for our CD of the week.

Their new CD, Rising Tide is a splendid document. The music is strong, modern, rooted in Africa & spiked with the spice of Latin, soukous, reggae, palm wine and other influences. The production too is superb. Manou Gallo becomes one of that rare breed in music, a woman who produces an album for a man or an all male group. Mokoomba are from Zimbabwe. They are comprised of 6 young men, in their twenties perhaps. The lead singer’s voice is a strong instrument, masculine, with a hint of a rasp. He doesn’t decorate his melody lines with lots of noticeable technique but no one listing can doubt his capacity to deliver exciting, rousing vocals. They group might remind some of the Bhundu Boys only because they are 6 young men from Zimbabwe who play exciting music and display their professionalism via their choreographed stage presence. Unlike the Bhundu Boys though, Mokoomba members sing in Chi-Tonga, not Shona. And there is scant reference to jit or chimurenga in their repertoire. All in all, I’m very excited for the prospects for this group & I hope they go far. And hopefully, unlike the Bhundu boys, they can resist the temptations of fame and stay focused, sober & practice modesty & safe sexual behaviours. How can forget that all but one of the Bhundus dies of Aids and the lead singer took his own life before Aids could. I sincerely wish Mokoomba would avoid all these pitfalls. If they do, a long and successful career can be theirs way into the future.

Enjoy the music.

A. Hammagaadji
First World Music
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